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MVP Capper Selection Record

January 2003 Free Selection Record





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January Free Selection Record

16-14 (+060)

1/31 Portland -10 (NBA) WIN

1/30 Hawaii -9 (CBB) WIN

1/29 Nebraska +5 (CBB) LOSS

1/28 Utah +8 (NBA) WIN

1/27 Washington -3 (NBA) WIN

1/26 Phoenix -1.5 (NBA) LOSS

1/25 Golden State -1(NBA) WIN

1/24 Houston -4 LOSS

1/23 Dallas -6 (NBA) WIN

1/22 Colorado +7 (CBB) WIN

1/21 Cleveland +4.5 (NBA) LOSS

1/20 LA Lakers -8.5 (NBA) LOSS

1/19 Philadephia -0.5 (+100) (NHL) WIN

1/18 Detroit +5 (NBA) WIN

1/17 Detroit -7.5 (NBA) WIN


1/15 Villanova +4 (CBB) WIN

1/14 Clemson +10 (CBB) WIN

1/13 Davidson +4 (CBB) PUSH

1/12 Orlando +5 (NBA) WIN

1/11 Tennessee -4 (NFL) LOSS

1/10 Orlando -2 (NBA) LOSS

1/9 Cal Poly +13.5(CBB) LOSS

1/8 Philadelphia -2.5 (NBA) LOSS

1/7 Miami +2.5 (CBB) LOSS

1/6 Charleston -1.5 (CBB) WIN

1/5 Villanova +5.5 (CBB) WIN

1/4 Dallas -9 (NBA) WIN

1/3 San Antonio -11 (NBA) LOSS

1/2 Dallas -11 (NBA) LOSS

1/1 No Free Selection


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