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MVPCapper Sports proudly introduces Rich Green to our list of class sports handicappers. Rich is the editor of, a free sports handicapping and information service. He has been a top ranked handicapper for over twenty-eight years and specializes in Basketball, Baseball, College & NFL Betting Picks. This fine handicapper has won numerous contests in all major sports. We highly recommend that you check out the free NFL betting picks & selections in all other sports from Mr. Green here everyday from MVPCapper Sports Handicapping!

NFL Picks


Current 2017-18 NBA Against The Spread (ATS) Trends

Through 12/14/17 -- all stats below use final closing lines ATS

Some stats go back through last season and do not include the Playoffs

Bold indicates hot teams ATS

SU= Straight Up

Atlanta -- 6-2 lately, 41-8 when they win SU, 3-0 with three + days of Rest, 3-1 as Favs, 3-6 as Home Dogs

Boston --20-8 overall, 6-1 off an ATS loss, 1-3 with no Rest

Brooklyn -- 31-0 when they win SU, 10-4 vs the West, 11-4 off a SU loss, 8-4 off a SU loss

Charlotte --2-6 lately, 3-8 on the Road, 6-9 off a SU loss

Chicago -- 5-0 lately, 9-5 with one day of Rest, 11-3 vs the East, 2-8 vs the West

Cleveland -- 2-6 lately, 2-13 at Home, 5-18 as Favs, 5-0 as Dogs

Dallas -- 8-3 lately, 8-0 when they win SU, 8-12 off a SU loss

Denver -- 1-9 off an ATS win, 2-6 as Road Dogs, 0-12 when they lose SU

Detroit -- 7-0 with two + days of Rest, 10-4 on the Road, 9-4 as Dogs

Golden State -- 5-2 lately, 9-4 off an ATS win, 5-10 off an ATS loss

Houston -- 33-20 on the Road, 4-1 with 3+ days of Rest

Indiana -- 50-7 when they win SU, 6-1 with 2+ days of Rest, 6-1 as Home Favs

L.A. Clippers -- 4-1 lately, 4-41 when they lose SU, 34-7 when they win SU, 5-10 off a SU loss

L.A. Lakers -- 15-58 when they lose SU, 2-4 with no Rest

Memphis -- 5-53 when they lose SU, 5-11 at Home, 2-8 vs the East

Miami -- 12-42 when they lose SU, 4-8 off a SU win, 4-10 vs the East

Milwaukee -- 3-47 when they lose SU, 42-11 when they win SU, 3-7 vs the East

Minnesota -- 38-8 when they win SU, 11-52 when they lose SU, 1-8 vs the East

New Orleans -- 4-1 lately, 12-6 as Home Dogs, 10-4 off a SU loss

New York -- 33-18 off an ATS loss, 40-27 with one day of Rest, 13-5 at Home, 3-7 on the Road

Oklahoma City -- 1-9 lately, 51-6 when they win SU, 3-13 with one day of Rest, 2-9 off a SU win

Orlando -- 2-9 lately, 34-5 when they win SU, 4-12 vs the East, 8-18 as Favs

Philadelphia -- 2-7 lately, 10-5 vs the West, 11-4 off an ATS win

Phoenix --33-0 when they win SU, 5-12 as Favs, 8-5 on the Road

Portland-- 7-46 when they lose SU, 44-9 when they win SU, 21-32 off an ATS loss, 6-11 as Favs

Sacramento -- 39-1 when they win SU, 3-7 off an ATS loss, 3-8 vs the East, 9-5 vs the West

San Antonio -- 10-4 at Home, 4-8 on the Road, 9-4 with one day of Rest

Toronto -- 53-14 when they win SU, 5-2 as Dogs

Utah -- 13-0 when they win SU, 2-33 when they lose SU, 8-19 as Road Dogs, 21-31 off an ATS loss, 11-5 at Home

Washington -- 9-3 as Dogs, 5-11 as Favs, 4-8 at Home

--Rich Green


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