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July Free Selection Record


7/31 Montreal Expos +125 (MLB) WIN

7/30 Arizona Diamondbacks -150 (MLB) LOSS

7/29 No Free Sports Picks (MLB)

7/28 Philadelphia Phillies -150 (MLB) LOSS

7/27 No Free Sports Picks (MLB)

7/26 Philadelphia Phillies +125 (MLB) LOSS

7/25 No Free Sports Picks

7/24 Kansas City Royals +125 (MLB) LOSS

7/23 Texas Rangers +125 (MLB) WIN

7/22 No Free Sports Picks

7/21 Pittsbugh Pirates +125 (MLB) WIN

7/20 No Free Sports Picks

7/19 Houston Astros -135 (MLB) WIN

7/18 No Free Sports Picks

7/17 Kansas City Royals +125 (MLB) WIN

7/16 All-Star Break

7/15 All-Star Break

7/14 All-Star Break

7/13 No Free Sports Picks

7/12 St. Louis Cardinals -155 (MLB) WIN

7/11 Baltimore Orioles +200 (MLB) LOSS

7/10 No Free Sports Picks

7/9 Texas Rangers +105 (MLB) WIN

7/8 Baltimore Orioles +200 (MLB) LOSS

7/7 No Free Sports Picks

7/6 No Free Sports Picks

7/5 Atlanta Braves -155 (MLB) WIN

7/4 Chicago Cubs -175 (MLB) LOSS

7/3 No Free Sports Picks

7/2 No Free Sports Picks

7/1 Los Anageles Dodgers -140 (MLB) LOSS





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