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Welcome to MVPCapper Sports Handicapping. Right now, you are viewing the website of the most successful sports handicapping service in the sports betting industry. Our professional sports handicapping team simply dominates in all major sports and we are confident that there is nobody in the world capable of producing the type of consistent winning sports picks that we can. These sports include NFL Football & college football picks, college basketball picks, NBA basketball picks, MLB Baseball Picks. When you purchase a premium selection package from the professional sports handicappers at MVPCapper Sports, whether it be our football picks or our basketball releases, you are getting the best premium sports picks from the sharpest sports handicapping team in the entire world. Jump on board with the MVPCapper Sports Handicapping team and see what it is like to win on a consisten basis for a change. You will be very far from disappointed with our professional handicappers work. Be sure to check out all of our site's other fine features including free sports picks & college basketball picks from our guest top sports handicapping services as well as our sports handicapping tools that are packed with information for the everyday handicapper. Thanks for visiting the website of MVPCapper Sports and we want to wish you a successful college & NFL football picks season of smart investing!


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2018-19 NCAA & NFL Football Picks Special
Football Season Special Expires: Wednesday, September 19, 2018
College Football Picks 2017-18 Regular Season Record: 61-36 (63%)
College Football Picks 2017-18 Bowl Games Record: 16-4 (76%)
NFL Football Picks 2017-18 Regular Season Record: 54-26 (68%)
NFL Football Picks 2017-18 Post Season Record: 9-4 (69%)
Don't waste another football season with another non-professional handicapping service who just throws losers at you. Stop just winging it and picking these games yourself.  Start winning with the experts who have the information and resources needed to produce winning football seasons!  Our handicapping team WILL make you money this football season when you get on board with us.  Take a look at the percentages above.  These are the exact numbers that our handicappers and our clients are used to.  These are the very numbers you can look forward to as a valued client of MVPCapper Sports.  Get on board right now and get our football picks at a reduced price by purchasing the 2008-09 early bird football season special from MVPCapper Sports.


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NBA & College Basketball Picks Season Special
College & NBA Basketball Picks Special Expires: 1/24/2010

College Basketball Picks 2008-09 Regular Season Picks Record: 93-64 (59%)
College Basketball Picks 2008-09 March Madness Picks Record: 28-15 (65%)
NBA Basketball Picks 2008-09 Regular Season Picks Record: 89-60 (60%)
NBA Basketball Picks 2008-09 Playoff Picks Record: 25-12 (68%)

Already tryed our baseball picks & football picks or have seen our NBA & college basketball picks from last season? Then of course a basketball season picks special from MVPCapper Sports must appeal to you. It's not just our football and baseball picks that win. As you can see by our record from last season, we dominate the industry in college and pro basketball as well. Signup now for our basketball season special today and let us show you over 6 months of winning basketball picks. Let us take you through an entire season of winning picks and you will never want to get your picks anywhere else other then sports handicapping!


 Second Half MLB Baseball Picks Special


Current 2009 MLB Baseball Regular Season Record: 54-49 (+2745)

(As of June 25, 2009)


With All-Star break approaching, we at MVPCapper Sports are offering you, the potential customer a huge special for the second half of the MLB baseball season. This is the first time we have ever offered this special. The reason that we came to the decision to offer this is so that the clients that have been in and out with us for the first part of the MLB season and have seen our work, can enjoy a second half of winning sports picks at a reduced price. Our handicapping team is now an overall 54-49 +2745 on the season and our numbers have shown no evidence of declining. OK, enough of our bragging. Here's the deal; For ONLY $174.95 you will get all our picks in every sport from the time of your purchase to the final game of the MLB regular season. That is a three month membership of our premium selections for about the price of one month in which you will be saving $175 off the regular fee. This offer expires July 11, 2009. Get on board and let us show you a winning second half of baseball picks.





 March Madness Picks From MVPCapper Sports

March Madness Special Expires: Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Madness 2009 Picks Record: 24-12 (+2420)

March Madness 2010 Picks Record: 27-15 (+1920)


Are you tired of just filling out your march madness brackets and never winning a dime? Are you tired of getting slammed everyday in March by your bookmaker. Let us take you through a a season of March Madness picks and let us show you how money is made. Our handicapping team does the best work in the world with their March Madness Picks. While regular handicappers are filling our office bracket pools, our handicapping team is on the phone and analyzing the matchups for the first round and potential second round matchups. Try out our march madness picks and let MVPCapper Sports show you how our clients do each and every year. Don't waist another minute. Try out our march madness picks even if it's for only a day. Just give us a chance to make you the money you deserve.






Major League Baseball Picks Season Special

Major League Baseball Season Special: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MLB Baseball 2010 Regular Season Picks Record: 193-124 (+2960)

MLB Baseball 2010 Post Season Picks Record: 24-13 (+824)


Tired of getting creamed by your bookmaker every summer during baseball season.  Do you know what it is like to not be able to pick a baseball winner for a few days.  Do you?  Well, guess what?  MVPCapper Sports Handicapping honestly doesn't have the slightest clue what it is like to slump in the bases for an extended period of time.  We flat out crush the books every baseball season.  Our handicappers concentrate on one thing and one thing only (except the last two months ovbiously) during the MLB season and that is showing our clients consistent and profitabl baseball picks each and every day of the summer.  Let us show you some consistent winners for a change during the 2011 baseball season.  We'll do nothing but impress you and get you ready for another winning football season with MVPCapper Sports. Take a look at what we are offering for this year's baseball season. Get on board for this one of a kind offer and you will be more then impressed. Afterward, you will never want to leave us.  




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