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Sports Betting & Poker Are Alike in Many Ways


Similarities Between Sports Betting And Poker

What do sports betting and poker have in common? The obvious answer, that they both involve gambling, only scratches the surface. The fact is that although far from every sports bettor plays poker and not every poker player bets on sports, there are a number of characteristics that are common to both types of gamblers. Many high stakes poker players online are known not only for their play at the poker tables, but also reckless sports betting action.

Risk Tolerance

While both sports bettors and poker players can be successful, they do need to have some level of risk tolerance. There is variance in any game that involves gambling, and you simply cannot “win them all.” To be an effective poker player or sports bettor you need to be able to handle the inevitable swings.


Neither sports betting or poker is like roulette, where there is nothing you can do to affect the outcome and tilt the odds in your favor. Both sports betting and poker are structured so that it is possible to get an “edge,” to have an advantage against the odds. Cultivating and exploiting this edge is what makes a successful sports bettor or poker player.


Nothing worth having comes easily. A successful sports bettor scrutinizes every possible fact they can find on the teams they are betting on or against. One critical piece of information can mean the difference between success and failure. For poker players, constant study and evaluation of past performance is vital. Again, the difference between a winning poker player and a losing one can amount to just a handful of mistakes for each session.

Just as online poker players can collect some sweet bonuses depending on what poker room they choose, the same goes for the sport bettor who takes the time to study the different sport bookers online. Many sites offer promotional sportsbook bonuses to the players using their services, like a 100% deposit bonus @ BetUS.

Although there are a lot of similarities between the two types of gambling, it is unlikely that a player of one can just jump into the other and start winning right away, although it is possible. However, if a poker player really wants to get into sports betting or vice versa, they can apply the skills they have learned at their chosen game fairly easily to the new game. If they approach the game with the same dedication as they have their own game, they have a great chance of experiencing the same or a similar level of success.








































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